August 4th



Kamino is a great app to try out this weekend whether you're traveling to a new city or staying in your own. Kamino encourages you to explore cities on foot rather than driving everywhere. Each adventure is called a "hike", select from several different types of hikes and Kamino will give you an easy-to-follow map! It lists the locations you will stop at and what to do when you get there, whether you should buy a specific pastry at a bakery or see a unique painting at a museum. Kamino lists how long each hike will take and how much distance you'll cover. It's perfect to use in a new city because it features content from other Kamino users, recommendations from travel bloggers and experts. I found so many things I want to try out this weekend in my own city! Download!




Web Girl Kathleen and Danielle are always raving about their Josie Maran Argan Oil I knew I had to feature it...and get myself a bottle. If you're hesitant about putting oil on your face there is a "light" version that's also great for summer. The Argan Oil hydrates, repairs, replenishes, and does so much more for your skin. It may seem like you are spending a lot of money for a small bottle don't worry it lasts awhile because you only need a small amount each time!