World famous DJ, Afrojack, stopped by to talk to JJ about creating remixes and his new single Ten Feet Tall.

When creating a track or a remix, Afrojack likes to consider himself a perfectionist.  He talked a lot about how being in the studio for 15 to 16 hours non stop can play tricks on your mind and you may not realize how the track actually sounds.  He said that he notices most of the changes that he makes but he’s such a perfectionist that a lot of other people don’t realize the changes; they are always the smallest things like changing the beat by one decimal.

His newest single Ten Feet Tall just came out and this is actually one of the songs that he felt needed to be worked on constantly.  It took almost a year to perfect this track because of the constant changes but he explains that he needs the drop to be perfect which is why he concentrates so much on the little details.  Check out the whole video interview and photos!

Afrojack In-Studio


Afrojack Photo's

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