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Ok so here is the big internet gossip news today....Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez are going to have a baby!! And this is how I feel about it!! 

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But moving on - here is what we've heard - according to a source Eva is a few months pregnant with Ryan's baby! I thought they were broken up?!?! The couple is very private about their relationship and have been off and on since 2011! According to OK Magazine the source said 

“She’s been ready for motherhood for a while now and to be sharing this experience with Ryan is a dream come true for her!” a supposed insider told the tabloid. A source also said wedding bells may ring soon, too: “Ryan doesn’t think they need to marry just because they are having a baby, but Eva believes it’s important to have their lives fully intertwined."

Now I'm not going to really believe this news until I see Eva with a Baby bump....OR actually until Ryan holds that baby! Then all my fake hollywood dreams will be crushed!! 

Ok now we need something to cheer us up!! Check this out!!