Thanksgiving: The Ultimate Drinking Game

Thanksgiving is a holiday when we spend an entire day locked in a house with family members. Naturally, we're going to need a drink or two-dozen. So you might as well make a game of it.

Here is the ultimate Thanksgiving drinking game to not only help pass the time, but to make the time more tolerable.

Take a drink anytime someone ...

  • Refers to the turkey as "moist"
  • Refers to the turkey as "dry"
  • Says the word "Tryptophan" 
  • Discusses the process of turkey brining
  • Argues that the turkey isn't done
  • Delays dinner time by 30 minutes or more
  • Has to make an emergency run to the store
  • Asks for an unreasonably large or unreasonably small piece of pie
  • Falls asleep right after dinner
  • Unbuttons their pants
  • Asks you to explain what your job is
  • Wants to play Christmas music
  • Says, "I'm going on a diet tomorrow"
  • Tries to get others to toss around a football
  • Eats five or more dinner rolls
  • Gives you an awkward hug
  • Talks about the Macy's parade.


Chug your whole drink anytime someone ...

  • Eats the canned cranberry sauce
  • Brings a healthy side dish
  • Asks you a personal question
  • Falls asleep before dinner
  • Brings up ObamaCare


Chug two drinks anytime someone ...

  • Says "gobble gobble"
  • Takes off their pants
  • Makes you say what you're thankful for (Buzzfeed)

Todd Alan

Todd Alan is loving his time in the QCA and you have really made it feel like home for him. He comes to us from the Champaign-Urbana area (sorry he is an Illini fan), where he co-hosted the morning show on Q-96!



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