Anyaberkut, Getty Images

Your messy purse may say more about you than you think. Whether it’s lipstick that you hoard, or maybe gum wrappers that you like to collect, your purse mess may actually mean more than what you think it does. Cosmo lays down the law when it comes to different types of purse mess and what each says about you!

  • Over-Stuffed Purse Mess – Your purse is so stuffed you can barely close it and your zipper is now broken because your bad is so bloated.
  • Dumpster Purse Mess – You like to think that you’re “recycling,” but really, you’re just hoarding water bottles and gum.
  • Makeup-Explosion Purse Mess – Everything looks like glitter at this point. You can’t tell mascara from foundation and you don’t even care.
  • Always-Prepared Purse Mess – You have your life in your purse.
  • Pregnant Purse Mess – You have bags inside of bags. Like the baby inside of mother’s.