Most of us have been there: our best friends break up and suddenly we get laid off from our job as the steady third wheel. According to "Shape" magazine, it happens more often than you think, and the pressure to take sides and not give in to the negativity are very real. So, what do you do when your friends break up?

(Source: "Shape")

  • Scenario #1: You Feel Pressure to Take Sides - You don’t have to engage in a friendship custody battle to be supportive to both parties—all you have to do is communicate.
  • Scenario #2: You Want to Stay Out of the Negativity – Just listen. Chances are, they’ll be just as happy using you as a sounding board. This way, you won’t jeopardize your friendship with either person—and it’ll be easier to maintain both relationships over time.
  • Scenario #3: Your Friendships with Both Parties Feel Awkward: Be patient, and over time, you’ll figure out what they need from you.