Whether or not we want to admit it, we all love to eat after we drink. While it doesn’t do our wallets or our stomachs any good, it definitely works wonders for the soul. Since drunken meals are so spiritual, we must be able to tell something about ourselves from them. If you can’t, Cosmo can help! Here’s what you should know about yourself depending on which of the foods you eat after a night of drinking!


(Source: Cosmo)


  • Pizza - Pizza eaters are lazily content in life. Happy to be catered to and not concerned with the more complicated things, you are living the good life.
  • Cheeseburger - Those who get drunk and order cheeseburgers have a huge appetite for life.
  • Soup - More often than not, you're happy to be home, tipsy, alone by midnight.
  • Nachos - The drunk nacho eater is impatient. With a total disregard for silverware and dignity, your best quality is your ability to Not Give a you know what.
  • Breakfast Foods - Your tendency for nostalgia serves you well. You're the one who suggests Denny's and freshman year #TBTs.
  • Chicken - The Ralph Lauren of drunk eats: classic, classy, safe, but with a lot of room for variation and sharing. Chicken fingers, popcorn chicken — all crowd-pleasers.