We all know first dates can be a total nightmare.  You’re nervous, you don’t know what to say, and well, eating…that’s a whole other story.  I mean how many of us have ordered a simple salad so as not to leave the impression that we are gluttons? 

Well, according to a new report by frisky.com, what you order on a first date can say a lot about the type of person you are, so you better order wisely.

For example…

  • Pasta – As long as you don’t have sauce everywhere, pasta is considered a very seductive choice, which translates into you being a romantic.


  • Steak – You’re dominant and powerful.


  • Burger and Fries – You don’t care what your date thinks of you, all you care about is that delicious food on your plate.


  • Chicken – You’re boring. It’s probably one of the safest dishes out there, which is just blah.


  • Oysters – You’re easy to get in the sack.


  • Pizza – Although you can be seen as not very adventurous, it also may mean you’re down to earth.


  • Surf and Turf – Money is not an issue for you, especially because you’re partner is paying.


  • Garlic – you’re basically telling the person outright that you don’t like them


  • Chicken Vindaloo – This spicy Indian dish shows you’re not interested. It’s basically saying, “I don’t care that I’ll spend the night on the toilet instead of on top of you.”


  • Chicken Fingers – You’re a child.