Here's Cardi B's Reaction After She Was Asked If She's Pregnant On Video


Earlier this week, we reported that Cardi B was pregnant, according to one of her reps who told someone this big reveal at a party recently. 

TMZ claimed that while Cardi was in the VIP area of a Maxim event, someone close to the rapper told a staffer that she was four to five months pregnant. The artist was also noticeably drinking Fiji water instead of alcohol like everyone else. This pregnancy news has shocked us considering the fact that a fan asked Cardi last week if she was expecting a baby with her fiance, Offset, and the "Bodak Yellow" artist replied that she was just getting fat.

On Friday (Feb. 16) morning, a cameraman for TMZ caught Cardi leaving a hotel and asked her about the pregnant rumors. However, she didn't want to answer anything! All Cardi did when she heard the cameraman's question was wave him off, before hoping in the car and driving away. Why isn't she answering? We need answers Cardi!!

You can watch the video of Cardi keeping her lips sealed above. 

Photo: YouTube/TMZ


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