Saweetie Reveals Why She Delayed Her Upcoming Album


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Saweetie knows her fans are impatiently waiting on the release of her debut album. Unfortunately, the gorgeous rapper isn't ready to release the LP just yet despite promising fans it would be out this summer.

In an Instagram Story she posted on Wednesday night, June 29, Saweetie explained why she won't be dropping her long-awaited album Pretty B.*.*.*.H Music on time. The rapper said that she wants to take her time while finishing up the project. Saweetie considers her major label debut to be more of a "movement" and "lifestyle" rather than just another collection of songs.

“Dear Icy Family, these past couple of years have been a growing experience for me as an artist, human, but most importantly a WOMAN,” she wrote. “I have realized my purpose with the platform God has given me which is why I have taken my time with releasing music this time around. Through hours of self-reflection I have realized that Pretty B.*.*.*.H Music is not an album – it’s a movement. It’s a culture. It’s a language. It’s a lifestyle. We not rushing art, we taking our time! This ain’t no microwave shit! It’s baking & it will definitely be worth the taste.”

Over the past couple of years, Saweetie has dropped popular songs like "Best Friend" featuring Doja Cat, "Tap In" and "Get It Girl." In 2021, she revealed that she plans to release "17-plus songs" for the album and explained why she's been taking her time with each song. Earlier this year, she claimed that the album would be out "definitely before the summer" during a conversation with Billboard. Although we've seen her pop up at various shows and festivals in recent months, Saweetie has only released her single "Closer" featuring H.E.R..

“When I put on ‘Love to Love You Baby,’ by Donna Summer, it immediately makes me feel sexy," she told Vulture. "It immediately makes me want to get naked. It immediately makes me want to pour glitter all over my body. The challenge that I’m setting for myself is that I want every song to make someone do something. That’s why I’m regrouping. I’m going to put every song under a microscope.”

Saweetie hasn't clarified when the album will finally be released, but her fans are more than ready for it.

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