Rihanna Stops For 'Genuine Conversation' With Fan In Supermarket

Photo: Getty Images

Rihanna's connection with her fans is something else! Earlier this week, a fan revealed that she had spotted the star in a supermarket in Los Angeles and Rihanna actually stopped for a "genuine long conversation." The lucky fan, content creator Stacey Roimen, took to Instagram to recount the special experience at a Bristol Farms store in LA and share some adorable videos of her conversation with Rihanna.

"My God I don’t even know where to start… I met 🎉RIHANNA 🎉today," she wrote. "I had such a genuine long conversation with her; I almost forgot to take a photo. I can’t wait to interview you @badgalriri one of these days."

Roimen continued to praise Rihanna writing, "Our convo & your kindness lives rent free in my mind FOREVER EVER 💖, thank you for being so down to earth ily." In her video of the sweet exchange, Rihanna, wearing a lowkey grey sweater and jeans, tells the camera, "Look who I met in the supermarket!" Fellow fans took to the comment section to freak out about the amazing interaction. "Girl did you ask about the album," one fan hilariously asked. "Oh wooow.... don't wash those clothes girl... wear them daily ah!" another joked.

Rihanna reportedly stopped to have meaningful interactions with other fans at the store. According to Hip Hop DX, one fan claimed that the singer "chopped it up for like 15, 20 seconds" with his girlfriend over FaceTime, and "then she still let me get a picture."

The sweet interactions come shortly after Rihanna sent a card and flowers to a group of senior citizens at a living facility who went viral for recreating her Super Bowl Halftime performance on TikTok.

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