Post Malone Gives Steve-O Extremely Vulgar Face Tattoo

Photo: Getty Images

Steve-O celebrated his 50th birthday in typical Steve-O fashion—by getting a penis tattooed on his forehead.

The Jackass star celebrated the milestone birthday on June 13 and received his new ink by Post Malone over the weekend before Posty's set at the Bonnaroo music festival. TMZ shared video of the tattoo session. At the end, the pop star admired his work, telling the comedian "now you're stylin'!" In the exclusive video, Steve-O also explained why he got the vulgar ink, admitting he wants to “find out how long I last before I tap out and get it lasered off.” He hopes to make it last through his comedy tour, which kicks off this Friday (June 21).

Even though the stunt seems spontaneous, it was actually a long time in the making. As TMZ reports, Steve-O actually wanted Posty to adorn him with the phallic face tat in the 2022 Jackass movie, but Johnny Knoxville rejected the idea "because there were already too many penises in the flick." Sounds about right!

Steve-O and Post Malone have been friends since 2021, when the musician was a guest on the Wild Ride! With Steve-O podcast. This actually isn't the first time Posty's tattooed the comedian either. They tattooed each other a couple years ago in Utah!

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