A Lot Of Drivers Think It's Safe To Text And Drive

So a study found that women and newer driver's were more likely to use cellphones while they are driving. to be honest I'm not surprised. I see it all over the roads.

Sixty-Eight percent of people in the study said they needed heavy convincing to believe the dangers of driving while being on your phone. I don't need much convincing... I got in to a fender bender last 4th of July while I was Google mapping, talking on the phone and shooting a text to my buddy letting him know I was on the way. Big mistake!

A study published in Risk Analysis, an International Journal, found that despite the proven evidence that driving while using your phone is extremely dangerous, people have to much F.O.M.O. to give up use of their phone while they are driving. Hey I get it, KiKi might be texting back to tell you something, still not a smart choice though.


If you want some numbers, The Society for Risk Analysis reports that texting and driving makes you 6 times more likely to get in a crash. 

The study that started all of this involved 447 drivers in Australia. They were asked about their perceived risk, comfort, ability, and their likelihood of using a cellphone while driving.

Overall, talking was a lot more popular than texting. Women and less experienced drivers were a lot more likely to hop on the phone. Interestingly, the more years a driver had under their belt, the less likely they were to distract themselves in general while driving.

Be safe out there! The call/text can wait!



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