Should Katie have a Halloween or Christmas wedding?!

This week's episode is *WINE INFUSED* and our guest is Katie, who's been engaged since October 2019, and still has a LOTTTT of decisions to make! Will she have a Halloween wedding? Christmas? Hallmark-esque or Ireland getaway?! Black dress or.... Juicy sweats?! Rob is having issues with his wedding planner and now needs weekly calls, while EB has more lifestyle/preference questions she thinks every couple needs to conquer before getting engaged or married. Is this why Rob is calling her a probable-bridezilla now?! Or CELEBRITY CHALLENGE is who will give speeches at our wedding! In the AISLE PILE: A bridezilla who seriously insults her pregnant sister in law... Another story where the sister in law really messes up so we need to set some social media ground rules... Dunkin has released their wedding gear, and a tip that involves lighting up your wishes!