Daya Comes Out with New Music

Daya is back! After four years of remaining mostly quiet in the music world, she has an EP on the way, a new single "Bad Girl," and a new way of living her life- out loud and with the freedom she always wanted.

elizabethany talked to her about the new process of making music- in a pandemic, with her producer as the head of her label, and as an openly bisexual woman.

On making "Bad Girl" during a pandemic, Daya said it was the first writing and recording session in person! "It was so much more infectious right off the bat. We were all so excited to be there in person again."

What is that moment like when you realize a song is a hit? Daya shared that with "Bad Girl" there was definitely some dancing as a group, but sometimes it's about putting on your headphones and having that moment alone.

Charlie Puth is a producer on this song, thanks to his friendship with her main producer and label head! While he came in at the end of the production, he added that final bass beat that she says, "I'm really grateful for that; I think he's so talented and I'm a fan of his music"

How long will we have to wait for more new music from Daya? Probably not long. Daya is all about releasing music as soon as she's ready, saying there is no weirdness or over-planning with it nowadays. If a song is something they love, they want to put it out right away. And with her working on her own writing, production, and instruments these days, we're even more intrigued to hear it!

Check out the whole casual catch up below, and give "Bad Girl" a listen to let us know what you think!