This Man Asked for a Post-Breakup Venmo Repayment

One of the debates that will FOREVER be a debate til the end of time is who pays for the first couple of dates... and if splitting the bill is right, etc.

These two people must not have talked about it because after ending their situationship after 3 dates, he's wanting to send a Venmo request for repayment of half the costs.

You'll see below that lots of people think this is absurd and wrong, but I think this is fair. I think it brings up a new set of rules we could put in place. Make it like the Bachelor- where if they don't make it to two years together, they return their Neil Lane rings. If you don't make it to.. 3? 5? dates... you have to split the bills. It's only fair. It prevents people using you for a quick meal. It's anti-sexist. It's not like you need to be chivalrous anymore. It didn't work out. Let's make it a business deal, a learning moment, and move on.