VIDEO: Man saves toddler from 12-story fall

Well this video is hard to watch... but it's a little easier knowing there's a happy ending. As a 3 year old climbed over a balcony wall on the 12th floor, neighbors screamed, and a man on the ground went into save-a-life mode.

You can sort of see a video of the moment he caught her here... or you can know what happened from the hero, delivery driver Nguyen Ngoc Manh's words.

"Everything happened within a minute. I didn't understand how I could scale the roof that quickly. I couldn’t believe I saved the girl’s life," he maintained.
He was sitting in his car parked on the complex grounds when he heard the sound of a child crying.
At first, he thought they were cries of a baby throwing a tantrum, but realized a minute later that it was something different. As he looked up the apartment complex, he was spooked to see the child "dangling on the 12th floor, about to fall down."
He ran outside, climbed over the two-meter wall between him and the apartment building, looking for where the child would possibly land. "I scaled the wall and saw that she could fall onto the metallic roof of the house used to store electric generators for the complex, so I tried to climb on top of it. I made it, but couldn’t stand firmly as the roof was crooked," Manh said, adding that he regretted not being able to find a better spot to catch the child.
As he stood on the roof, Manh slipped off his footing, the same time the child started stumbling down. So he flung himself forward and catch her, the impact leaving a dent on the roof.