Desperate for a Haircut? Do What I Did!

I promise you guys do not have to worry, I'm not having a mental breakdown. I am however, loving my new buzzcut life!

I've been known for my natural curls since they started growing in when I was about two. My whole life it's been the thing I get complimented on the most by far, and as I got into my teens and early twenties I finally started to appreciate my hair.

But now I'm sick of it!

Hair is so much work and time and money and mental real-estate! I got the itch to shave my head and COULD NOT get it off my mind. So I took myself down to Sally Beauty, purchased some clippers (curbside pickup in my mask of course), and chopped it all off.

It's been a little over a week, and so far the only downside is when my head gets a little cold in the office AC. I could list dozens of reasons why shaving my head is my favorite decision I've ever made, but I'll save you some time. Here are my top 5 favorite things about being a woman with shaved hair (and why you might want to try it too):

  • Driving with the windows down

My favorite thing about summer is playing fun music and driving the DeWitt backroads with the windows all the way down. If y'all thought you loved the feeling of the wind through your hair, it feels even more refreshing on your head! Not to mention I no longer have to wear sunglasses to protect my eyes from an angry flailing mane.

  • Always looking put together

Women are always complaining that guys have it so much easier when it comes to grooming and dressing up. Ladies, I'm here to tell you that having a buzzcut is at least 45% of their secret. No matter how nice you may dress, if your hair is messy, you'll look like you haven't put in the effort. Having a buzzcut makes getting ready a thousand times easier and faster, and since you're hair always looks the same, you always look fresh and chic! (You'll be surprised how feminine a buzzcut can be).

  • Ready for any situation

Sudden change in Midwest weather? Impromptu date? Last minute dinner with your executives? Spontaneous swim outing? Gotta squeeze in a gym sesh? You get the idea. Like I said, when you always look put-together, you're ready to slay any time, any day.

  • That feeling of liberation

There's nothing like it. I feel lighter, carefree, and so confident. I have no choice now but to hold my head high, because you can't have a look like this without owning it, and it's done wonders for my confidence and the way I carry myself. It's amazing just how much a person's life can revolve around styling, washing, cutting, treating, and maintaining their hair, and being free from all that stress is incredible. Before, I felt like whether or not I felt beautiful was completely contingent on my hair. Now I can see myself for so much more than that.

  • You save hella money

The amount of stuff in my bathroom has decreased exponentially. I still use shampoo, but that's pretty much it! Only ONE hair product needed! Not to mention the fact that I no longer need to pay someone else to cut my hair for me. I've got my handy-dandy clippers!

That being said, in light of Covid-19, once it's safe for me to do so, I fully intend to start visiting/supporting local hair stylists again. After all, we're all in this together. Let me know what weird shapes you think I should have shaved onto my head!

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