Would You Rather Run Naked Thru The Office Or Reveal Your Salary?

Two employees gossiping in office cubicle

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While co-workers will tell each other a lot of things, one subject that seems to be off limits to a lot of folks is salary. In fact, there are a lot of people who would do just about anything to not talk about how much they make.

A new survey finds:

  • Only 18% off workers would be okay with their co-workers knowing how much they make.
  • Only 14% of employees say they already know what all their co-workers earn.
  • 32% say they don’t know what any of their co-workers make. 

When asked whether they’d rather run naked through the office/workplace in front of co-workers or let their co-workers know how much they earn…

  • 11% of Americans, or 28 million people, would rather run naked through the office.
  • Another 34%, or 88 million Americans, wouldn’t rule out the naked run.
  • 55% of workers, a little more than half, would be okay letting co-workers know their salary.

Source:Yahoo Finance

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