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Introducing The Taste-Enhancing Smart Spoon

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Photo: 35mmf2 / iStock / Getty Images

Japanese tech company Kirin Holdings recently unveiled the commercial version of its taste-enhancing spoon, dubbed Elecispoon, which improves taste buds’ perception of salt, thus making food taste better.

Excessive salt use is a well-documented problem in Japan, but so is people’s dissatisfaction with low-salt foods, so preventing serious health issues caused by salt intake isn’t as easy as simply cutting it from people’s diets. This is where modern, smart solutions like the Elecispoon come in. This ingenious spoon uses a unique current waveform technology to trick the user’s taste buds.

So how exactly does the Elecispoon work? Well, according to a Kirin press release, the tip of the spoon contains a mechanism that can transfer an electric charge to the food it touches and at the same time generate an electric field around the tongue. This field causes the sodium ions in the food to bunch together, which results in a stronger perceived saltiness and flavor.

Because we all perceive saltiness differently, the Elecispoon has four electricity intensity settings, but while Kirin suggests users start with the first level, the Japanese company claims that not even the highest setting is strong enough to cause a shocking or even a tingling sensation. Because the spoon relies on electricity to work its magic, it requires a power source – a 3V rechargeable lithium battery built into its handle.

A small batch of 200 Elecispoon smart spoons was available for purchase on the Kirin online store on May 20th, but the Japanese company announced that it will also be available at select housewares stores in Japan starting in June. The price for one Elecispoon currently sits at 19,800 yen ($128).

Although, I doubt it will make liver and onions taste good. Just sayin'.....

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