People Are Spending A Lot Of Time On Apps

It’s no surprise that most of us are on our phones constantly, and while the majority of us use them to text with work or friends, or check email, it seems a lot of us just can’t get enough of the apps on our phone.

According to new research from the site App Annie, last year folks spent 900-billion hours using apps, which is a new record and about 150-billion more hours than 2015. What’s more, folks are likely to open about 30 apps each month.

Overall, folks downloaded about 90-billion apps through the iTunes app store and Google Play, which is 13-billion more than last year and that translates into a lot of money. Believe it or not, companies earned about $89-billion in revenue from app purchases and advertising, and that number’s expected to increase to $189-billion by 2020.

So, what apps are we using the most? Well, the top apps of 2016 probably won’t surprise you. They include Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat. Apps like Spotify, Line, Netflix, Tinder and HBO Now generated the most revenue, although games were also pretty big earners. In fact, 75% of the revenue on IOS and 90% on Google Play came from games, with Pokémon Go earning the bulk of it.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Source: USA Today

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