Tostitos “Party Bags” Will Get You Home Safely After Your Super Bowl Party

Doritos may have checked out from their long standing Super Bowl commercial spot, but sister brand Tostitos is taking its place with a cool idea.

Chip-maker Frito-Lay is partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Uber to create alcohol sensor bags they have dubbed “Party bags.” A sensor at the top of the bag measures your breath and if you register positive, a steering wheel logo on the bag lights up red with a "don't drink and drive" message underneath.

The front also flashes an Uber code you can use to get a discount for your ride home. Tap the bag with your cell phone and it will get an Uber for you.

Frito-Lay is giving out 25-thousand ten-dollar Uber discounts to people who buy its chips between now and the Super Bowl on February 5th. By simply entering a participating Tostitos UPC code in the Uber app, you get the discount.

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