You Can Now Buy Twinkies Ice Cream In Stores

This isn't a drill. Hostess, of Twinkie, Sno Ball, and Ding Dong fame, has announced a brand new flavor of ice cream for sale in Dollar General stores across the country. They've also released Sno Ball, Cupcake, and Ding Dong flavors of that same ice cream, if you're not the world's biggest Twinkie fan. Yeah, your new year's resolution is pretty much history.

Officially, they're not supposed to be released until February, but they've already been found in some parts of the country ahead of that release date.

If you want to snag some of this ice cream, you can only get it through May, so keep an eye out.

Remember the days when we thought we'd lose the humble Twinkie forever? 2017's going to be a great year.

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