Did The Weeknd Just Diss Justin Bieber?

I've said on the air before, Justin Bieber has gotten in a few digs in at Selena Gomez’s new boyfriend The Weeknd, and now some believe the R&B star is finally responding.

The Weeknd appears on Toronto rapper Nav's new track, "Some Way,” and some fans are speculating that his contribution is a shot at Bieber. In his verse, The Weeknd sings, “I think your girl fell in love with me. She say my f*** and my tongue game a remedy." 

But that’s not all, later The Weeknd adds, “'I just took that chick, and I know you feelin' some way/ She just want a ni*** like me, you feelin' some way.” 

So far there’s been no response from the Biebz. Click here to hear The Weeknd’s verse. Note Content: Language

Source: TMZ

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