Best Break-Up Comfort Foods

We all know that heartbreak is brutal and we all have different ways of handling it. For most, food is the go to pain reliever.

Recently, One Poll market research and Yelp Eat24 asked what people’s favorite breakup comfort foods are. Don’t be surprised if a few of your favorites are on the list. It seems many of us share the same tastes.

  1. Ice Cream. 43% say this is the one food that makes the pain tolerable…at least until the next pint is needed.
  2. Pizza. 30% run to this American favorite.
  3. Fried Food. Any fried food will do! 22% count this as a favorite.
  4. Cake. Sweets for a sweetheart system crash. 18% love this choice.
  5. Burgers.
  6. Chocolate chip cookies.
  7. French fries.
  8. M&M’s.
  9. Mexican food.
  10. Cheesecake.

Source: Bustle

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