The Most Important Rules In Girl Code

For those who don’t know, ‘Girl Code’ is an unwritten set of rules all women are supposed to follow. They often do, but when they don’t, it’s NOT a cute look. Seriously –isn’t it all about having another girl’s back? So when a Reddit post asked, “Ladies of Reddit: If there was a "Girl Code" book, what rules would be in it?” - women of the Internet had some great answers. Here are some of the “most important” girl codes, according to Redditors:

  • Help a sister out - When you go in the bathroom and someone says, “HELLO?” they probably need toilet paper. It’s your job to give it to them, and plenty of it, and never speak of the encounter.
  • Don’t be stingy during that time of the month - If another woman ever needs a tampon and you have an extra, you give it to her. Even a complete stranger.
  • Always tell a woman if she’s got lipstick on her teeth - even if you don’t know her.
  • Have a stranger’s back - When you’re out and you see another lady “getting creeped on,” pretend you know her and try to help her out of that potentially scary situation.
  • Always watch out for your friends - When you’re posting photos to social media, don’t include the ones where your friend doesn’t look good, even if you love the way you look in the pic. She’ll do the same for you and that’s what it’s all about.
  • Boost your bestie’s confidence - As you’re getting ready to go out, always affirm how hot your friends look, even if what they’re wearing isn’t exactly your style. Exceptions include: bra straps showing, lipstick on teeth, smeared eye makeup, or being able to see her undies through her leggings. And then it’s just “oops” and an offer to help.
  • Be honest, especially when her S.O. isn’t - One Redditor thinks you should take a screenshot if you see your friend’s boyfriend on Tinder or Bumble so you can let her know what he’s up to.
  • Don’t be THAT girl - The ultimate girl code rule might be that you NEVER date your friend’s ex. No matter how hot you think he is or how long you’ve had a crush on him. Maybe it’s okay if it’s been a long time and she’s with someone else now, but that’s debatable.

Source: The Berry