Ed Sheeran Teases Taylor Swift Collaboration

Ed Sheeran just made Taylor Swift fans squeal with joy. The singer revealed that fans can look forward to another Ed/Taylor collaboration, although when it will happen is another story. 

“It will definitely happen again,” he told E! News. “I don’t know when it will happen, but yeah, it will certainly happen again in our lifetime.”

Ed and Taylor, who are good friends, previously worked together on the 2013 track “Everything’s Changed.”

  • ONE MORE THING! In case you missed it, Ed appeared on "CBS Sunday Morning" this past weekend, where he admitted that file sharing is directly responsible for his success. “I know that’s a bad thing to say, because I’m part of a music industry that doesn’t like illegal file sharing. Code for piracy,” he said. “Yeah, but illegal fire sharing was what made me. It was students in England going to university, sharing my songs with each other.” Ed doesn’t actually think such file sharing even exists anymore. “Yeah, I think people rip off YouTube,” he noted. “That’s a thing. But I feel like it’s so easy to stream.”

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