An App To Count How Many Times Men Cut You Off?

If you deal with so many “manterruptions” a day that you can’t even count them all, now there’s an app that will do it for you. Woman Interrupted is a new tool to track how many times men interrupt women in daily conversations. And if you don’t think there could possibly be a need for this, you just haven’t been paying attention.

The app was released this week in honor of International Women’s Day and it uses your phone's microphone to analyze voice frequencies and count how many times a man's voice cuts into a woman's speech. It was created by BETC and according to Woman Interrupted’s site, manterruption “stops women from expressing themselves and has a deep impact on their studies, careers, and personal lives.” And they want to show it’s happening more than people think.

As for privacy concerns, the creators stress that no conversations are recorded or stored - so they’re analyzing your information but they’re not keeping it. Once you download the app, sign in, and give some personal deets, you’ll be prompted through a voice recognition test. Then you can start tracking just how many times you’re interrupted by a man.