Dental Floss For The PurrrFect Cat Eye

From what I understand, there are tons of hacks that claim to get you the perfect winged cat eye. There's the tape trick, clean up pens, liquid eyeliners, and more. While you probably have invested in a good amount of these things, you probably haven't thought up this next ingenious idea: dental floss.

Yes, floss! Not the string kind, though, we're talking the dental floss picks. How does it work exactly? According to beauty guru @iamsugarcoated on Instagram, you paint the floss with liquid eyeliner, and then stamp it on the corner of your eyelid in a triangle, to make the winged tip effect. Then, fill in to your desired thickness.

Pro tip? She says to buy unflavored floss, because the flavored ones, like mint, usually come with an oil coating that could smudge your cat eye! No more wishing you had a steadier hand!


Source: Refinery29

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