The Most Common Grammar Mistakes Revealed

For some people bad grammar is just something they can’t handle, and there’s no doubt a lot of us make common mistakes every day, which means there are folks likely pulling their hair out when they see your blunders. Well, Microsoft has now come out with a list of the most common grammar mistakes based on data from millions of subscribers who use Microsoft Word and/or Outlook, so maybe you can now avoid driving these people crazy.

Among the Top Ten grammar errors (click here for examples):

  1. Leaving too many white spaces between words
  2. Missing a comma
  3. Missing a comma after an introductory phrase
  4. Missing a hyphen
  5. Incorrect subject-verb agreement
  6. Incorrect capitalization
  7. Mixing up possessive and plural forms
  8. Incorrect agreement with noun phrases
  9. Commonly confused words
  10. Incorrect verb form after auxiliary


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