How To Get Your Girl Scout Cookie Fix In The Off Season

Right now it’s not uncommon to see Girl Scouts at your local supermarket trying to get you to shell out money for those delicious cookies. There’s no doubt they're hard to resist, and anyone who’s stocked up knows that even though you think you’ve bought enough to last until next Girl Scout cookie season, they probably won't make it a month.

Well, instead of going through Girl Scout cookie withdrawal during the off-season there are some cookies out there that could satisfy your craving, and in may cases they are cheaper than the $5 a box you shell out for the real thing. 

For example, if you wolfed down every Thin Mint in your freezer in record time, try getting your fix with Keebler Grasshopper mint and fudge cookies, which are available year round and cost less than three bucks a pack. If you prefer the chocolate and peanut butter Tagalong (and who doesn't), Aldi sells Benton’s Peanut Butter Filled Fudge cookies which are a great substitution, and on top of that, their Carmel Coconut Fudge Filled cookie is an adequate replacement for Samoas, and both are under two bucks.

But these options should never be a full-time replacement for the real thing, especially since Girl Scout cookies do serve a good cause. The money raised goes toward education and adventure programs for the organization’s members.

Source: New York Daily News

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