People Are Using Eggs To Blend Thier Makeup

Why use a beauty blender when you can use an egg? Yep, beauty bloggers are now blending their makeup with eggs. Like, not eggs or egg whites, but an actual egg. The trend allegedly started as a challenge with beauty vlogger Nadi who asked fans to submit ideas for different objects that could help blend makeup with.

So, naturally it caught on like wildfire in the beauty community and now, everyone's doing it. So, instead of reaching for your beauty blender, just hard-boil an egg, peel it, and use that! Nadi says in a way it's like using a "really cool Silisponge," which is beauty talk for silicone makeup blender. There is the smell to consider, however.

Even better is letting is refrigerate overnight and use it's cooling properties to de-puff your face as you apply.

Source: TeenVogue

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