Millennials Are Prime Target For Robocall Scams

You ever get one of those calls that’s a number you don’t recognize and then you answer and there’s no one on the other line? You’re not being stalked by the killer inside your house “One Missed Call” style. It’s actually a scam or spam, but on your phone. And millennials are totally falling for it.

Some calls fake surveys or tell you you’ve won a cruise. Robocalls can sound like pretty much anything these days. According to a study done by Truecaller, reported on by “NBC”, thought that elderly people with less technological knowledge would take the bait - but in most cases its peeps in their 20s.

And get this – guys fall more often. Researchers say that 33% of millennial men versus 11% of millennial women have gotten scammed. So how do you stay safe? Don’t answer your phone if you don’t recognize the number.

Source: Truecaller,  NBC News

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