The Newest Nail Trend? Crystal Nails

If you’re tired of rainbow nails, unicorn nails, and mermaid nails, you’re not alone. And if you’re looking for something a little more subtle for your next manicure, the new crystal nails trend could be the thing for you. Rose quartz nails are the perfect combination of popular millennial pink and crystals, so no wonder they’re having a moment.

This manicure looks just like rose quartz, or a Himalayan rock salt lamp, which is why the trend also goes by that name. They’re pale pink marbled nails and they’re much more understated than some of the other popular nail looks. It’s a more minimalist look and one that would be easier to pull off than some other trends.

All the crunchy, hippie types out there know that rose quartz “provides good energy for the heart and emotional well-being.” But you don’t even have to be new-agey to get in on this look - you just need a good nail tech or to have some skills with polish yourself. There’s a lot of room for a Pinterest fail, but it probably wouldn’t look as bad as some other DIY mani trends out there.

Source: Glamour

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