Baby Girl Goes Home After Surgery To Remove Extra Legs, Spine

Little 11-month-old Dominique is back home with her family in Africa after a successful surgery to remove two extra legs and a spine from her “parasitic conjoined twin.” The baby girl had the operation in Illinois on March 8 and flew home last week, where her parents and sisters were anxious to see her again.

No hospital in Africa would perform the surgery, so she was fortunate enough to come to the U.S. for it. Baby Dominique was born with the parasitic twin and without the operation to remove it, her heart and lungs would have struggled to work for two people and it would have shortened her lifespan.

“I never thought that I’d see my daughter like this, today,” Dominique’s mother says in a video provided by the hospital. “It’s really a miracle. I want to thank all the surgeons who did a great job. And also thank you to the American people who helped my little Dominique, who allowed her to have a normal life, like other children.”

Source: People

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