The Newest Hair Color Trend Is Mother-Of-Pearl

Another day, another new hair color trend. This time, the color is influenced by the mermaid craze, which has invaded everything from frappuccinos to lip glosses. The newest Instagram hair color trend is mother-of-pearl.

So what does that look like on your tresses? It’s metallic and pastel colors combined. And the result actually looks like the inside of a mother-of-pearl shell. It’s kind of 3D looking and when you see the amazing photos on Insta, you’ll be mesmerized too.

As with a lot of the trendy hair colors, this look is incredibly high maintenance. And you just can’t do a DIY job at home and get these shimmery results. This multidimensional color is best left to the pros.

If you’re ready to try out the mother-of-pearl hair color trend on your tresses, be prepared that you’ll need to start with a platinum blonde base. And it’s going to take a lot of deep conditioning masks to keep it nice and shiny for the best effect. Just make sure you find a colorist who’s confident she can pull it off, otherwise you’ll end up with a grey mess and that is NOT the look you want.

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