How To Be Successful At Online Dating

Dating apps can be fun in the right hands, but in the wrong hands, it could be causing angst and drama if you’re not getting the results you want. How do you be sure you’re going to find yourself a partner by just a swipe of a finger? “Metro’s” got you covered! Here the 14 commandments of online dating:


  • Don’t take it too seriously
  • Make an impact!
  • Be prepared for disappointment
  • Go global” - Use your app wherever you go to meet people from different places!
  • You have nothing to be scared of!
  • Be honest” - Lying is tough in the dating world. You never know when it’ll come back to get you.
  • Do have fun” - Don’t forget!
  • Get all the info” - Get all of the details of their interests and hobbies before you meet up!
  • Make it personal” - Make your messages personal to keep things interesting.
  • Don’t confuse people” - Those pictures of you and your girlfriends are super cute, but you need your partner to be able to recognize you!
  • “Have faith in your interests and sense of humor”
  • Put on a show” - Go big with your profile pictures. Make sure they're a showcase of you!
  • Bring in the animals” - Animals in your pictures may just spark a match’s interest.
  • Embrace the attention” - No use in getting coy now! You’re already out there, so just go for it!


Source: Metro