Woman Sues Because Jelly Belly Sport Beans Contain Sugar

Food labels can be confusing, but one ingredient we expect to see on a candy package is sugar, right? Well, not to Jessica Gomez, a California woman who brought a class-action lawsuit against Jelly Belly because the “fancy phrasing” on the Jelly Belly Sport Beans package led her to believe it was sugar-free.

The Sport Beans are the brand’s line of energy products, to give a pick-me-up during a workout. And like a lot of sports drink, they contain electrolytes sodium, potassium, and quick-burning carbs for energy - in the form of … yep, you guessed it, sugar.

But Gomez says she was confused because the label lists evaporated cane juice, not sugar. She claims this is intentionally confusing and violates the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, Unfair Business Practices Law and False Advertising Law in California.

Jelly Belly says she should have seen the nutrition facts panel, which lists total sugars. The label shows that each package contains 19 grams of added sugar, about five teaspoons. And we get it, with more than 50 names for the different variations of sugar, it can be confusing. 

But these are jelly beans we’re talking about, so how can anyone be surprised they’ve got sugar in them?

Source: Women's Health

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