Women Have The Best Sex At This Age

And according to a new study, they’ve figured out exactly which age women are having the best sex of their whole lives: they say it’s 36.

The new research from the contraceptive app Natural Cycles asked 2,600 women about all kinds of things sex-related and split them into groups based on age. They talked orgasms, how much they actually enjoy sex and how attractive they feel at any given point.

Besides learning the magical age for primo sex, researchers also discovered that the older group was getting it on more than the younger ladies. Get this: 86% of women in the oldest group – over 36 – said they’d had great sex over the last four weeks! But only 76% of the middle group – ages 23-35 – said they had. As for the youngest group – women under 23 – they came in last with 56% of them reporting great sex over the last four weeks.

The 36 and older women also won for being most confident, with 80% of them saying they felt sexually attractive, while 70% of the youngest group did, but only 25% of the middle group admitted they were happy with their appearance. So here’s to the over 36 crowd for having the best sex, doing it more often, and feeling attractive, too!

Source: Mamamia

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