This Gin Claims It Can Make You Look Younger

This gin actually contains collagen, so it’s cleverly called CollaGin. And they claim that the more you drink it, the younger you look. CollaGin calls it “The Elixir of Youth,” and it’s made with “a rejuvenating twist of anti-aging botanicals such as star anise, pink grapefruit, and orris,” along with that pure collagen.

And as amazing as this liquor sounds, it’s not even the first gin that claims to diminish wrinkles and restore skin. Last year, British hotel group Warner Hotels partnered with two food designers to release Anti-aGin. It seems all collagen gins have to have punny names. Anti-aGin is sold in Warner hotels and grocery stores in the UK and claims to give drinkers a “revitalizing” effect.

There haven’t been any scientific studies yet on how well collagen cocktails work to fight the signs of aging. But if you like a good gin and tonic, you could give it a try for yourself. But hey – don’t most people look better with a few drinks on board?

Source: Extra Crispy

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