Ways to Make Money Doing Basically Nothing

Well - not really NOTHING. These suggestions will all take a little elbow grease. But at least you can do all these things from the comfort of your home (or bed!). These ideas are all gifts that keep on giving. Once you put in the work, you can sit back and enjoy the income.

  • Write a book.
  • Create an app. - You could get money every time it’s downloaded.
  • Start a static blog. - Host ads on your site and talk about things that can’t go out of style like “how to’s” and food.
  • Write articles online. - You can write for websites like about.com.
  • Create a YouTube video. - If it gets popular, you can run ads on it.
  • Take beautiful photos. - Sell your photos to places like Shutterstock.
  • Draw and design graphics.
  • Make a t-shirt. - You can design for Threadless, and if it gets popular you can make a ton of prize money.
  • Sell insurance.
  • Get stock dividends.

Who doesn’t love a job that they can do while idle?


Source: PopSugar

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