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Here's a Trick To Heal A Sunburn Faster

It happens to the best of us; we are enjoying the summer sun and before you know it, we’re red as lobsters.

You know about sunscreen and the dangers of cancer, so we’ll skip to the healing part. The first step is taking an asprin, tylenol or ibuprofen to dampen the pain and in ibuprofen’s case knock down the inflammation.

Then hop in a cool shower and wash gently with an aloe-vera based cleanser.

When you’re done with that apply a cold compress soaked in milk and ice cubes. This unusual combo will help draw out the heat’s affect on the skin.

Last thing: apply a liberal amount of moisturizer. Make sure it contains vitamins C and E.

If you feel the need to conceal your burn, don’t reach for your foundation. Instead, go for green-tinted color correcting primer. It will neutralize the red hue. Go easy on the stuff.

This sounds like a lot of work, but putting sunscreen on regularly isn’t. 

Source: Fox News

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