How Much Water Should You ACTUALLY Be Drinking?

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Who actually knows how much water is the proper amount for you? We all know we’re not drinking ENOUGH, but is there a magic number? The tell tale sign that you’re not drinking enough water is gross but simple - if your pee is yellow, you need more water!

The amount of water you drink depends on a few things like how old you are and how much you weigh. In general, the Mayo Clinic recommends that men should drink about 13 cups of water a day while women should aim for 9.

For a number a little more exact, start by dividing your body weight by 2.2. Multiply that number by 40 (for us younger-than-30-year-olds), and then divide that by 28.3. That’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking!

Those of us who are more active should add 12 more ounces of water for every half an hour of activity. Drink up, folks!!




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