The Pettiest Reasons Folks Didn’t Go On A 2nd Date


First dates are always nerve-wracking, and even when they go well that doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a second one. Let’s face it, folks will turn down people for second dates for all sorts of reasons, and sometimes the excuses are simply ridiculous.

I'm guilty of this too. I didn't call a girl again after she couldn't pronounce "coyote" right.

Well, a new Reddit thread asked folks, “What's the pettiest reason why you didn't go on a second date?” and let’s just say, it’s no wonder some folks are single. Excuses ranged from loud breathing, to bad smells and more.

Petty reasons include:

  • “She didn't believe me when I explained how centuries are counted.”
  • “She picked up her phone directly after eating BBQ wings without wiping her hands off.”
  • “She enunciated every word ending in ing with a ‘guh.”
  • “She tailgated the sh*t out of everyone, always. I had a sore leg from stomping on the imaginary brake.”
  • “This person was a perfect storm of mispronunciations that drove me to distraction. 'Expecially,' 'Something eltse,' 'Chipolte,' 'irregardless,' and 'pacifically' all in one date. I thought I was being had on, but nope, checked out his FB and he was even worse at words online.”
  • “He came to pick me up and he was wearing a bowler hat and a tie dye shirt.”
  • “His voice was a way higher pitch than I expected it to be and it completely caught me off guard. I couldn't get over it, second date never happened.”
  • “He asked me if I wanted a soda from a hot dog cart, and I said yes. He asked me to get him one too.”
  • “She asked me to take her to the local amusement park and then let me know she 'didn't do rides' once we got there. I would have loved to take her literally anywhere else, until that date...”
  • “She smelled like cheese. Not like a delicate Muenster, but more like a sharp Cheddar.”
  • “I went on a date with a guy who constantly mouth breathed louder than the show we watched. He was super nice. I just couldn't do it.”
  • “She used the same laundry detergent as my grandmother.”
  • “Decided I really didn't like the drawn on eye brows.” 

Source: Reddit 

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