Rosé Deodorant Is Real

People just can’t get enough rosé in their lives. We drink 40 oz. bottles of rosé , snack on rosé flavored gummies, and there’s even an activewear line dedicated to everyone’s favorite pink wine.

But in case that’s not enough for you, now there’s a new rosé product: rosé deodorant. Yep, you can even make your armpits smell better with the blush booze. It’s made by Native and has natural ingredients, so there’s no parabens or aluminum in there.

This is just one of the offerings in their “Brunch Scents” line. Yes, we’re serious. There are also Mimosa and Sangria deodorants available now. But if you’re not down with wearing rosé deodorant, you can still enjoy a glass of it with those who do.

Source: Elle

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