Glitter Boobs Are Summer’s Hottest Trend

How do you stay cool and stay on-trend at this summer’s music festivals? Some women are daring to bare their glitter boobs. And that’s exactly what it sounds like, instead of shirts and tank tops, they’re sporting stick-on gems, sparkles, and glitter for a fun, festive look.

The trend was a big hit at the recent Glastonbury festival, where women covered their breasts with sparkly paint, rainbow gems and sometimes nipple tassels. Glitter gurus The Gypsy Shrine even had a stand to help people get their sparkle on. And as you can imagine, glitter boobs are very popular on social media, because who wouldn’t want to show off all that boobie bling.

So if you’re into the jewel-encrusted cleavage, here's an easy how to video.