When The Guy That Ghosted You Wants Back In

Ghosting Meme

So he ghosted you. You talked for a while, you might have even hung out. And then one day he was out of your life for good! Or so you thought... What do you do now that he’s come crawling back? Here’s what you can do when you get that dreaded text message:

  • Assess the message. - Really see what they were trying to say here. If you wanted more from them, let them make more of an effort!
  • How do you feel? - If your first reaction is one of disgust, maybe consider ghosting him back or cutting ties. If it’s not a bad thing, maybe give him a shot.
  • Make sure he knows what he did. - No one ghosts me and gets away with it!! Let him know what he did sucked!
  • Will he ghost again? - Think about the risk of him ghosting you again and decide if it’s worth it.
  • Tread carefully. - Maybe you decided to give him a shot. Not a bad thing - but you might want to watch out for sharks in the water.

Ultimately, your happiness is key. You gotta stick up for number one, and make sure you’re not letting these ghosting fools walk all over you!!


Source: Elite Daily

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