Be Careful: Types of Guys Most Likely To Cheat On You

If you’re nervous about relationships because you don’t want to be cheated on, there are “types” to watch out for.

A number of recent studies have narrowed down what red flags to look for in a guy that will let you know he is more likely to cheat. Ashley Madison and hsve also put in their two cents. Let’s dig in.

  • Taller me. Guys over 5’10” are more likely to stray.
  • Rock lovers. While 41% who like Rock cheat, the music with the most loyal lovers is Rap.
  • IT field workers.
  • Someone whose age ends in “9”. It’s a life stage hang up.
  • Twitter users.
  • Guys named Wayne. This is the least trustworthy name according to a poll of women. Ouch!

Source: New York Post

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