Do We Really Need This Avocado Sock?

the avocado sock makes avocado ripe

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Courtesy/The Avocado Sock

I'm all about avocados, just like everyone else. And it is really frustrating when you want to make avo toast or guacamole but your avocado isn’t ripe yet. That’s why the Avocado Sock exists.

This product was created by Diane Sherwood, a caterer from Canada who found a great way to get avocados to ripen faster was putting them inside a wool ski sock. She liked the method so much, she decided to share it with the rest of the word and the Avocado Sock was born.

But do we really need this invention in our kitchens? If we really need to speed up the avocado ripening process, can’t we just stick one in a wool sock and wait for the magic to happen? Sure, this product is only $14.99, and it works on other fruits and veggies, but still.

Sherwood claims her Avocado Sock “ripens avocados faster, more gently, and more evenly than a paper bag,” but we’re not so sure. Let’s just stick to the old tried and true paper bag method for now and save the $15.

Source: Shape

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