People Are Stamping Their Eyebrows On Now

From microblading, where they tattoo on natural looking brows, to pencils, powders, and gels used to fill in and define, there are lots of ways to up your brow game.

But this new method is one we’re not so sure about. People are actually using a stamp to stamp on their eyebrows these days. The product comes from the brand i-Envy and they claim to create “flawless brows.” All you do is moisturize the eyebrow area first and then stamp the tool into the brow pomade, then stamp it on your eyebrow area. And viola, instant eyebrows.

The idea is interesting and it is really quick, but there are a few downsides. For one thing, there are only two brow shapes to choose from - “delicate” and “natural”, so you’re limited to just those options. And they only offer three colors, chocolate, dark brown, and ebony. So if you need a lighter shade or a different shape, you’re out of luck.

While the women in i-Envy’s promotional video appear to be happy with the eyebrow stamp and their brows look good, not everyone’s face will work with those two shapes and three colors. And that means a lot of people will be walking around with stamped-on eyebrows that are too dark and the wrong shape, and that’s not a good look on anyone.

Source: Allure

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